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Choose from 3 themes 

Each is branded for the University of South Carolina. These templates are ‘pre-set’, meaning the information architecture is already in place to expedite and facilitate your website-building process. Click on each example below and explore it before selecting.


Current Websites Using OpenScholar

Bowen theme Bowen Theme

Campbell theme David Matolak

Elegendi theme (Center Only) Besmann

Why use OpenScholar?

No Technical Knowledge Needed

The user-friendly interface for adding and editing content requires no technical knowledge, special software, or HTML. You can edit your site from any computer with an internet connection.

Drag and drop layout system

The "drag-and-drop" tool provides an easy way to arrange the content presentation on any site. You can design site-wide default layouts or create unique layouts for different sections of your site.

Dedicated Support

OpenScholar provides professional, help desk style support, and robust, regularly updated documentation.

Apps & widgets

OpenScholar comes with a set of preconfigured, customizable and reusable apps that satisfy common use cases in (academic) websites including News, Events and calendaring, Publications, Blog, FAQ, Slideshow, etc.

Custom Domains

Use your custom domain URL for your website. Departments and institutes can use their existing domain for all sites of affiliated scholars.

Faceted Search

Search pages, publications, posts, events, and comments, etc. The feature also includes advanced search filtering by terms/categories.

Control the Look of Your Site

Choose your theme (template) already branded according to University of South Carolina guidelines. Add your own text, video, and images.

Social Media Integration

Allow sharing of your content on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Built-in Site Analytics

Easily plug in and leverage popular site tracking services. Data collected will indicate traffic patterns across your site.

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