Molten Salt Thermal Properties Databases

The thermochemical database and companion thermophysical database are current initiatives under the DOE Nuclear Energy Modeling and Simulation Program.  Those efforts are supported by experimental data generation under the DOE Advanced Reactor Technology Program, Molten Salt Reactor Campaign.


About the MSTDB-TC

The recent re-emerging interest in MSRs following the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment at ORNL over 50 years ago, has generated DOE efforts focused on supporting the several commercial MSR ventures. This includes the development of the Molten Salt Thermal Properties Database-Thermochemical (MSTDB-TC) and a companion thermophysical database, MSTDB-TPMSTDB-TC is a publicly available compendium of internally consistent thermodynamic models and values for fluoride and chloride molten salts components and related systems of interest to MSR technology.

  • MSTDB-TC thermodynamic information resides in “Chemsage” .dat (ASC II) format files for use with the FactSage® commercial thermodynamic codes and with the open-source equilibrium code Thermochimica.

  • Separate files are provided for chloride- and for fluoride-based systems.

  • Documentation includes

    • Detailed description of the current database format and current version

    • Spreadsheet tracing all data sources

    • Library of published phase diagrams together with companion MSTDB-TC-computed phase diagrams for direct comparison

Accessing the Databases

The databases and associated documents are hosted on a publicly accessible, permission-protected server at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Access requires an ORNL XCAMS account and an MSTDB membership, which once granted will allow downloading of all files.  Instructions for obtaining the databases are at MSTDB Access Instructions.


MSTDB-TC Reference Documents/Publications

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