Structural Dynamics and Intelligent Infrastructure (SDII)

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of South Carolina


Research Interest

The structural dynamics and intelligent infrastructure research group performs numerical and experimental research in the structural dynamics, model updating, structural health monitoring, earthquake engineering and engineering education. Our research group has received support from NSF, NIH, NIST, SCDOT and others. Our later work includes using structural vibrations to perform inference in occupant activity. This is of special interest in the use of intelligent infrastructure for health care applications.

Contact: Dr. Juan M. Caicedo


Phone: 803-777-1925

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What do we do?

The Structural Dynamics and Intelligent Infrastructure (SDII) research group aims at discovering fundamental knowledge that leads to the advancement of infrastructural systems that benefit society.

Intelligent infrastructure

Use of sensing, data analytics (e.g. machine learning) and other advanced techniques to enhance the performance and enhancing the uses of structural systems.

Structural dynamics

Understanding how structures move in the case of dynamic excitation.  Also, using these vibrations to extend the use of structural systems.

Uncertainty quantification

Estimating the level of uncertainty.  We are particularly interested in using uncertainty quantification for intelligent infrastructure applications.

Fundamental research with real impact

Helping your house feel good (and bad) vibrations

Juan Caicedo • TEDxUofSC

Using floor vibrations to identify falls can potentially change how we care for older adults.