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CeRCaS Research Thrusts

Fundamentals of Metal Deposition
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Solid-Solid Bonding
Precision site synthesis for specific reactions


Current Projects

Project 59
Bimetallic Single Atoms, Clusters, and Nanoparticles via Switched Solvent Chelate Enhanced Synthesis (Regalbuto, Williams)
Project 64
Synthesis of Supported Ruthenium Nanoparticles over Surface Functionalized Alumina:  Extension of Project 47 (Lauterbach, Regalbuto)
Project 67
Understanding Humid CO2 Adsorption Under Equilibrium Control in Small-Pore Zeolites(Katz, Kulkarni, Monnier)
Project 60
Influence of Drying Parameters on Metal Dispersion of Supported Pt Catalysts (Williams, Regalbuto, Gupton)
Project 65
Probing reversible nanoparticle formation and resulting zeolite damage in Pt-medium-pore-zeolite systems (Runnebaum, Kronawitter, Kulkarni, Bare, Katz, Gates)
Project 68
Understanding olefin feedstock aromatization with MFI-supported non-precious metal catalysts (Runnebaum, Kronawitter, Katz, Gates, Bare)
Project 61
Understanding Pt utilization by quantitative characterization of isolated Pt modified by promoters on alumina supports (Kronawitter, Runnebaum, Kulkarni, Katz, Gates, Bare)
Project 66
Understanding the high chemical and thermal stability of the copper-chromium oxide catalyst (Reber, Castano)
Project 69
Promoted copper-based bimetallic catalysts prepared using electroless deposition and galvanic displacement for carbon dioxide conversion to higher alcohols (Project 55 Year 2) (Tengco, Regalbuto)

Project 62
Periodic Trends in the Synthesis of Transition Metal/Graphene Solid Matrix Catalysts (Gregory, Yue, Gupton)


Project 70
Design of electrodes for combined thermal-electrocatalytic olefin upgrading using air and water as co-reactants (Kronawitter, Runnebaum)

Project 63
Navigating the Solvent Space of SwiSS (Williams, Regalbuto, Monnier, Gupton)




Concluding Projects

Project 46
Single Atom Catalysts via Switched Solvent Synthesis (SwiSS) AND
From Isolated Atoms to 2d-Raft Clusters via Switched Solvent Synthesis(Williams, Regalbuto, Blom, Gupton, Ciston)

Project 51
Chemistry and catalysis of atomically dispersed Pt and Pd in zeolites (Kronnawitter, Runnebaum, Kulkarni, Bare, Katz, Gates)


Project 55
Improved Catalysts for Direct Reduction of CO2 to Methanol Using Bimetallic Catalysts Using Electroless Deposition Methods (Monnier, Tengco)

Project 47
Synthesis of Well Defined Ru-Nanoparticles on an Oxide Support (Lauterbach, Regalbuto)

Project 52
Understanding the CO2 Binding Site Created in Humid Environments in K-MER (Katz, Kulkarni, Monnier)

Project 56
Effect of extraframework Al and/or P species on alkane cracking catalysis (Katz, Kronnawitter, Runnebaum, Kulkarni, Gates)

Project 48
Bimetallic Catalysts on Commercial Extruded Supports Prepared by Electroless Deposition (Tengco, Monnier)

Project 53
Enabling Rigorous Quantification of Humid CO2 Adsorption/Desorption in Zeolites (Katz, Kulkarni)

Project 57
Non-Precious Metal Phosphides and Nitrides as HER and OER Catalysts
(Y-Lin, H-Lin, McEwen)

Project 49
Imaging atomically dispersed and aggregated metals supported on and encapsulated in zeolites (Katz, Ciston, Gates, Kulkarni, Kronawitter, Runnebaum, Bare)
Reversible formation of encapsulated nanoparticles from atomically dispersed Pt in zeolites (Kronnawitter, Runnebaum, Kulkarni, Bare, Monnier, Katz, Gates)

Project 54
Controlling Selectivity in Enantioselective Catalysts Using Partial Confinement in Zeolitic External Surface Pockets (Gupton, Raine, Katz)

Project 58
Supported Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts for Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene (Tengco, Monnier)

Project 50
Facile Synthesis of Pd/GO Catalysts Immobilized on an Oxide Support (Gupton, Carpenter)




Concluded Projects

Project 1
Continuous Production of Metal Nanoparticles using Microwave Irradiation (Gupton, Carpenter, Monnier)
Project 2
Enhanced stability of catalytic surfaces by bimetallic core-shell structures (Monnier, Regalbuto, Khanna)
Project 3
Evaluation of Palladium/Graphene Surface Properties for Cross-Coupling and C-H activation (Gupton, El-Shall, Ellis, Williams)
Project 4
"Real World" Nanoparticle Synthesis on Model Supports (Chen, Regalbuto)
Project 6
Cross coupling from a heterogeneous system based on homogeneous molecular catalyst (Vannucci, Yu)
Project 5
Continuous catalytic oxidation in pharmaceutical processing (Awad, El-Shall, Gupton, Monnier)
Project 7
Statistical design for guided nanoparticle synthesis (Lauterbach, Hattrick-Simpers, Wen)
Project 11
In situ XRD to study the effects of temperature and gas phase on the stability of monometallic catalysts and structure/stability of bimetallic catalysts (Monnier, Carpenter)
Project 10
Catalytic Upgrading of Hydrocarbons by Selective Oxidation (Williams, Adams, Khanna)
Project 8
Fundamental Studies of Pd/Graphene for Cross Coupling and C-H activation(Ellis, Gupton, Gilliland, Chen, Regalbuto)
Project 13
Hydrogenation activity of Pd particles on modified carbon supports (Chen, Regalbuto, Gupton)
Project 14
Mechanistic Understanding of Ethane Partial Oxidation over bifunctional MoV- based catalysts (Lauterbach, Carpenter)
Project 9
Continuous producion of Suppported Monometallic and Bimetallic Catalysts for Methanol Formation (Carpenter, Monnier, Tang)
Project 15
Boron nitride (BN) supported metal and metal oxide catalysts for selective oxidation reactions (Diao, Regalbuto, Monnier)
Project 16
Solid-supported catalysts design for optimized electrocatalytic oxidation of alkenes to ketones (Gupton, Castano, Roper)
Project 12
3D Printed Catalytic Monolith (Ferri, Gupton)
Project 20
Hydrogenation Activity on Pd Surfaces Modified by Carbon (Project 13 Year 2) (Chen, Regalbuto, Gupton)
Project 17
Ultrasmall Bimetallic Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenation of Alkenes (El-Kaderi, El-Shall, Regalbuto)
Project 18
3D Printed Catalytic Monolith Year 2: Rational investigation into how catalyst synthesis method affects the nanoparticle surface chemistry and activity on 3dP monoliths (Ferri, Gupton)
Project 28
Stabilizing Enantioselective Catalysts in Hemispherical Pockets on Zeolite Supports (Gupton, Katz, Ciston, Bare, Durkin, Gates)
Project 21
Macroscopic monolithic Pd/Graphene catalysts for regioselective electrochemical oxidation of alkenes (Gupton, Castano, Weidner)
Project 19
Thermodynamic Analysis of SEA Using Metal Adsorption Isotherm Data (Gupton, Regalbuto)
Project 29
Extra-framework-cation probes of Al sites in MFI catalysts: Imaging, spectroscopy, theory (Kulkarni, Kronawitter, Runnebaum, Ciston, Gates, Bare)
Project 22
Computational and experimental analysis of Ag catalysts with GNP or bimetallic materials on direct propylene oxide synthesis (Gupton, Reber, Monnier)
Project 25
Producing Supported Nanoparticles of Variable Size with Tight Size Distributions via SEA (Gupton, Regalbuto)
Project 30
Hydrogenation Activity of Pd particles on Graphene and Carbon-Coated Oxide Supports (Chen, Regalbuto)
Project 23
Bimetallic Indium-Copper Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Syngas-Derived Dimethyl Oxalate to Ethylene Glycol (Williams, Gupton, Regalbuto)
Project 26
Strong Electrostatic Adsorption on Commercial Extruded Supports (Regalbuto, Shimpalee)
Project 39
Stabilizing Enantioselective Catalysts in Hemispherical Pockets on Zeolite Supports (Gupton, Katz)
Project 24
CO2 Sequestration on Modified Zeolite Supports (Katz, Regalbuto)
Project 27
Precision tuning of supported nanoparticle size via ED (Tengco, Monnier)
Project 40
Design and Synthesis of Non-Precious Metal Nanofoam Catalysts for Water-Splitting (Lin-Y, Lin-H, McEwen)
Project 31
Multicomponent H2O-CO2 Adsorption in Zeolites (Katz, Kulkarni, Monnier)
Project 35
Simple Synthesis of Supported Single Atom Catalysts via Chelate Fixation (Regalbuto, Williams, Gates, Shakouri)
Project 41
Elucidating the structural differences in compositionally similar zeolite catalysts using acid catalyzed reactions and incisive characterization tools (Kulkarni, Kronawitter, Runnebaum, Ciston, Katz, Gates, Bare)

Pt Exchanged in Controlled Acid-Site Environments of ZSM-5: Synthesis, Characterization and Use as Dehydrogenation Catalyst (Kronawitter, Runnebaum, Katz, Gates, Ciston, Bare)
Project 32
Selective Continuous Flow Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Alkenes (Castano, Meekins, Gupton)
Project 36
Zeolite-based catalysts for the conversion of oxygenated polymer waste (Katz, Lauterbach)

Project 42
Imaging heavy metal ions in zeolites as reporters of local internal structure (Katz, Ciston, Gates, Kulkarni, Bare)
Project 33
Rational Synthesis of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Direct Hydroamination of Olefins (Gupton, Roper, Khanna)
Project 37
Bimetallic Single Atom Catalysts via Chelate Fixation for Selective Hydrogenation of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes (Chen, Williams, Regalbuto, El-Kaderi, Gupton, Shakouri)

Project 34
Zeolite-based catalysts for the conversion of oxygenated polymer waste (Katz, Lauterbach)
Project 38
Development of Highly Dispersed Bimetallic Catalysts using the method of Galvanic Displacement (Monnier, Tengco)
  Project 43
Catalyst Enabled Tandem Wacker/Reductive Amination of Alkenes under Continuous Flow (Gupton, Castano, Monnier)
    Project 44
CO2 Adsorption/Desorption from Zeolites Under Humid Environments (Katz, Kulkarni, Monnier)
    Project 45
Development of Highly Active Recyclable Heterogeneous Supported Bimetallic Nanocatalysts for Buchwald-Hartwig Amination Reactions (Sieber, Reber, El-Kaderi)

Potential Projects

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