Proposed Projects Fall 2023

Please access the pitch slides for these proposed projects through the shared OneDrive folder inside the sub-folder "04. Project Proposal Slide Decks"



I.01 Bimetallic Single Atoms, Clusters, and Nanoparticles via Switched Solvent Chelate Enhanced Synthesis JR Regalbuto, CT Williams, John Monnier, John Tengco (USC), Simon Bare (UCD)
I.02 Influence of Drying Parameters on Metal Dispersion of Supported Pt Catalysts Chris Williams (USC), JR Regalbuto (USC), Frank Gupton (VCU)
I.03 Diffusion Coupled with Electrostatic Adsorption on Formed Supports: Extension of Project 26 John R. Regalbuto (USC), Sirivatch Shimpalee (USC)
I.04 Understanding Pt utilization by quantitative characterization of isolated Pt modified by promoters on alumina supports R. Runnebaum, C. Kronawitter, A. Katz, A. Kulkarni, and B. C. Gates
I.05 Periodic Trends in the Synthesis of Transition Metal/Graphene Solid Matrix Catalysts Daniel Gregory (VCU), Tai Yue (VCU), Frank Gupton (VCU)
I.06 Synthesis of robust oxygen evolution electrocatalysts from calixarene-templated nanoporous gold A. Katz (University of California, Berkeley) and W. E. Mustain (University of South Carolina)
I.07 Atom Isolation Versus Chemisorption Capacity JR Regalbuto, Chris Williams, John Monnier
I.08 Navigating the Solvent Space of SwiSS: P46 Extension John Regalbuto, Chris Williams (USC), Frank Gupton (VCU)
II.01 Synthesis of Supported Ruthenium Nanoparticles over Surface Functionalized Alumina: Extension of Project 47 Jochen Lauterbach, JR Regalbuto
II.02 Using Atomic Layer Deposition to Achieve Strong Metal-Support Interactions Aaron Vannucci, JR Regalbuto
II.03 Probing reversible nanoparticle formation and resulting zeolite damage in Pt-medium-pore-zeolite systems R. Runnebaum, C. Kronawitter, A. Kulkarni, S. Bare, J. Monnier, A. Katz, and B. C. Gates
II.04 Selective localization of P modification of HZSM-5 catalysts to interior pores A. Katz, C. Kronawitter, R. Runnebaum, A. Kulkarni, and B. C. Gates
II.05 Understanding the high chemical and thermal stability of the copper-chromium oxide catalyst AC Reber, CE Castano
II.06 Synthesis of Noble metal Nanoparticles on Mixed-Oxide Supports Rahat Qazi, Chris Williams, Jochen Lauterbach
II.07 Determining the Metal Oxide-Support Wetting Mechanism for Easier Catalyst Development Regalbuto, Chen and McEwen
III.01 Synthesis and characterization of zeolites for improving non-thermal plasma-assisted lignin hydrolysis Jochen Lauterbach, Zhenmeng Peng
III.02 Understanding Humid CO2 Adsorption Under Equilibrium Control in Small-Pore Zeolites A. Katz, A. Kulkarni, and J. R. Monnier
III.03 Understanding olefin feedstock aromatization with MFI-supported non-precious metal catalysts R. Runnebaum, C. Kronawitter, A. Kulkarni, A. Katz, and B. C. Gates
III.04 Promoted copper-based bimetallic catalysts prepared using electroless deposition and galvanic displacement for carbon dioxide conversion to higher alcohols (Project 55 Year 2) John Monnier and John Tengco (USC)
III.05 Design of electrodes for combined thermal-electrocatalytic olefin upgrading using air and water as co-reactants Coleman Kronawitter (UC Davis)
III.06 Transitional Metal Sulfides and Nitrides as Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting Yuehe Lin and Jean-Sabin McEwen (WSU)