The goal of the Cyberinfrastructure (CI) lab is to investigate issues in high-speed networks and Internet of Things (IoT), and to find solutions to the technical problems in these areas. Topics include:

  • Protocol enhancements for high-speed networks using programmable data plane switches
  • Testing and performance measurements in high-throughput high-latency environments
  • Networking and Telecommunications
  • Offline scalable intrusion detection systems
  • Malware characterization affecting IoT devices

In addition, the CI Lab develops training material for Science demilitarized zones (Science DMZs). The Science DMZ is a network specifically designed to facilitate the transfer and sharing of very large scientific data (big data) across geographically separated sites.

Contact Us

Address: Innovation Center, 550 Assembly Street Suite 1300, 1500B, Columbia, SC 29208

Email: jcrichigno at cec.sc.edu

Office: +1 803-576-6858